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The Shri Amreli Jilla Leuva Patel Charitable Trust, Surat welcomes you to the enlightening world of streamlined education,where excellence has been redefined by the cohesive efforts of the competent professionals and a visionary management. Wepromise you a rewarding experience that will take you to the unchallenged and unexplored zenith of success. I am sure; together we can justify the mission called 'education'.

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Generel Inforamation

The M. L. Kakadiya MCA Mahila College, Amreli is one of the premier institute’s of Shree Amreli Jilla Leuva Patel Charitable Trust, a trust registered in Surat. (Registration No.F - 728 - Surat)
(Society R.No. Guj. - 829 - Surat)

The trust has been promoted by the Gajera Family in the name of their pious and kind mother. The family ventured into diamond business through their company Laxmi Diamonds in mid 70s at Surat. Laxmi Diamonds is one of the pioneers in India to establish best human resources development practices in diamond industry. Employees’ job satisfaction and security are assured through one-to-one meeting of the Management with the employees and exposing the employees to modern training programmes and providing them with insurance, medi-claim policies,etc.

The family promoted the trust to fulfil the dreams of their mother who always wanted her sons to participate in activities of social well-being and upliftment. The family ventured into philanthropic activities by setting up educational campuses at Amreli.

M. L. Kakadiya MCA Mahila College located in the Amreli campus stands for the family’s commitment to the society. Apart from establishing an Institute of international reckoning that practices and realizes excellence, the trust yearns to create a social and technological revolution in the most unattended areas of our Nation’s economy with managerial excellence delivered by M. L. Kakadiya MCA Mahila College.